The importance of Leack-Check



The main feature of the furnace in vacuum is cleaning (especially the absence of oxygen) environment of treatment, for this reason it is therefore important that the thermal process occurs without infiltration of oxygen inside the vacuum chamber.

This condition is essential for the quality of the heat treatment as the treatment of many types of contamination from the outside air leads to surface imperfections or deficiencies of brilliance and cleaning prices treaties; another factor of great importance is that graphite elements tend to deteriorate in the presence of oxygen above 200 ° C, becoming automatically in a maintenance cost.
In order to avoid all these dysfunctions operating process is very important to periodically check the leack on the insulation of the furnace chamber to prevent or, if necessary, repair any leaks. To identify these losses are on the market some specific tools of precision and companies that carry out specific actions to search for leaks in vacuum furnaces.


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