Oil quenching in vacuum furnaces



The oil quenching is certainly not a new technology but I recently discovered to date remains essential for certain particular types of work thanks to some peculiar characteristics.

The possibility of obtaining mechanical properties and metallurgical very particular to ensure a secure future for this technology, in particular to be able to recreate patterns of distortion predictable and repeatable remains one of the main reasons why this technology is used but it is not the only one:

  • facilitates the hardening of steel
  • accurate control of heat transfer during quenching
  • minimizes the formation of thermal gradients
  • high performance cooling
  • reduction of the distortion

We focus on the reduction of distortion of the parts. Generally used for parts such as gears, shafts and ball bearings is to use the oil by vacuum hardening, changing the oil pressure is going to change the boiling point (temperature characteristic), this change intervals phases oil cooling ensures that pieces of particular geometries to achieve the desired level of hardness. In the aeronautical specifications on this new treatment restrict the range of acceptability, requiring the ovens of the most advanced next-generation performance.


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