Linkedin and our social network profiles


Linkedin is the social network dedicated to professional relationships.

In the same way, the social network is configured as a tool for job search and as a search for candidates. This allows you to connect supply and demand in the professional field.

Your profile, on Linkedin is similar to a classic curriculum and how in the nature of social media is the user who can decide what to show and what not.

However, on Linkedin, each of us publishes a large amount of personal data.

There are some differences, however, between the paper curriculum and those published online.

Traditional curricula remain private and are only shared with the people to whom they are sent.

The linkedin profile is public, available to anyone who wants to view it.

This state of affairs allows those seeking information to be able to count on greater veracity: it is much more likely that the linkedin profile is more honest than a paper curriculum.

With this premise, let’s try to understand what a recruiter is looking for.

Usually the personal characteristics are evaluated initially and we can understand if they are in line with the characteristics of the company in terms of values ​​and objectives.

Obviously the competences must satisfy the requests of the position for which the company is carrying out the research. But we take it for granted.

These are the information that we define as “peripheral” and that are not directly related to work and the company: candidates who have attributes that are more desirable for the recruiter, that arouse positive subjective perception or that stimulate a sense of closeness with the recruiter himself, will have more chances to be selected because they will increase the perception that their statements are true about the perceived credibility.

This data, because at the end of data it is, usually can be crossed with those present on other social networks.

In addition to linkedin it is not difficult for a grader to take a look (though fast) to the candidate’s Facebook and Instagram profiles.

Attitude, in a work environment and in a team, is essential. This is why social networks are a great source of information for those who select.

And that’s why, for those who must be selected, they are a window to be treated with care.

The awareness on the part of all of us of the medium that of what we disclose about us is important.

Never underestimate it, especially in these times.


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