Startups: funds after Covid 19 emergency


Innovative Startups recipients of a special guarantee fund worth € 200 million.

The guarantee fund is intended for innovative startups through a transfer to the venture capital support fund or the national innovation fund.

We are also studying other measures such as convertible loans, a voucher with which young entrepreneurs can pay for the services offered by hatcheries and accelerators that support them in growth, an increase in tax incentives for startup investments, 100% deduction expenses for the acquisition of all the capital of innovative companies, a tax credit dedicated to investments in research and development.

A rich agenda that also includes the refinancing of the Smart & Start program to guarantee aid between 100,000 and 1 million and a half Euros for companies with less than 60 months of life.

In short, the interventions on which the government is working may be around € 362 million and work is now concentrated on identifying the most suitable regulatory vehicle where to enter the measures under study.

The Ministry of University and Research together with the Ministry for Economic Development and the Ministry for Technological Innovation and Digitization have signed a Memorandum of Understanding which represents the first governmental act, at European level, which recognizes contracts publish the ability to stimulate smart and inclusive growth after the emergency phase caused by Covid 19.

Its objectives regarding Startups:

  1. stimulate and support the creation of an industry and a market of innovative solutions encouraged by public demand, also supporting research and development and experimentation activities, as well as access to the market for companies in the area;
  2. implement the structural transformation of digital infrastructures and public administration services, promoting collaboration between public and private sectors to generate and disseminate innovation;
  3. improve the quality of life of citizens and businesses, encouraging the introduction of innovative solutions and emerging technologies to meet those simplification needs expressed in daily contact with the public sector.

These objectives, set five years ago, now become an integral part of the Protocol and the departure is entrusted to Smarter Italy (the complete program can be read here).


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