JEC Composites Innovation Awards: Aeronautics & Automotive


The JEC Composites Innovation Awards that we have started talking about here have given thirteen awards for innovation in the world of composite materials.

As regards the Aeronautics and Automotive world, the awards went in the first case to a French team and in the second to the German Volkswagen team.

For the Aeronautics sector, the team composed of Institu de Soudure Groupe and Arkema has emerged, with the collaboration of Hexcel, Latecoere and Stelia Aerospace. Together with Innovative Soultion for Welding they presented a welding technique of thermoplastic compounds.

This is the first that can be used to assemble PEKK / Carbon composites intended for structural elements in the aerospace field, as an alternative to the classic riveting.

The process can be used for welding any thermoplastic resin reinforced with carbon, glass or aramid fibers. The solution has obviously already been patented.

Important milestones that Franck Glowacz, Innovation Content Leader of JEC Group comments as follows:

The JEC Composite Innovation Awards are not just prizes: they want to be a source of inspiration for the industry and an engine of excellence for all the winners.

Here on the podium for the Automotive category is Volkswagen. One of the most coveted prizes was awarded to the LehoMit-Hybrid project.

It is a hybrid auto component that can be produced in large quantities and is the central tunnel of the Porche 718 Boxster / Cayman models.

The component is made with a combination of thermoplastic resin, glass and carbon fiber tapes and metal inserts. One of the salient features is the possibility of implementing the component in “body in white” structures without having to modify the assembly and painting lines present in the factories.

Add to this lightness, reduced investments in equipment and molds, production flexibility.

JEC Innovation Awards identify, promote and reward the world’s most innovative composite projects. They celebrate the fruitful collaborations between the different segments of the composite supply chain. Over the past 15 years, the JEC Innovation Awards have led to 1,900 companies worldwide. 203 companies and 499 partners were awarded for the excellence of their composite innovations. In 2021, the JEC Innovation Awards benefit from the support of Kordsa.


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