Refurbed: a green inspired marketplace


Refurbed is the marketplace for refurbished electronic devices. In three years the company has exceeded 100 thousand customers in 4 countries and for a year now it has also been present in Italy.

A site easy to navigate, an idea to promote that of Kilian Kaminski, Peter Windischhofer and Jürgen Riedl.

Kilian worked at Amazon, the giant who asked the young man to take care of a program of selling regenerated products. After noting the company’s lack of interest in seriously developing this business unit, he and his friends decided to go it alone.

Obviously the central theme is that of sustainability, in Refurbed.

Refurbed’s main supply channel is that of large companies and banks when they replace their employees’ smartphones and sell old ones. Along with this, the channel of telecommunication companies when they sell new telephones to their customers by withdrawing the old ones. As a third channel, the minor, that of private individuals.

Refurbed makes sure that all these devices are conveyed to their partners – who are the air conditioning labs – and after the labs have returned them as new they are sold on the marketplace.

Refurbed holds a 10% commission.

They relied on customer reviews to test the solidity of the business and each of the partners invested 20 thousand Euros. The rest of the costs were absorbed through funding from the Austrian government and business angels.

For customers, Refurbed provides the product warranty and clarifies the process used to recondition the appliances:

-) Data cleaning

-) Replacement of components

-) Aesthetic Restoration

-) Sale

Refurbed devices are reusable and therefore particularly eco-sustainable. The CO2 emissions produced by their regeneration are neutralized through the “Plant A Tree” program or a tree is planted for each device sold.

On the site you will find from smartphones to kitchen appliances, from desktop PCs to electric bicycles and shipping is free.


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