Artificial Intelligence: 2020 trends


Artificial intelligence or that branch of technology that can improve human activity: one of the most interesting trends that deserve to be followed.

There are some solutions that represent support in the decision-making process for those who work in industrial automation and are intended to improve operational efficiency.

The latest developments in factories depend on the generation and collection of information through machine-level data.
These acquisitions are called “at the edge”.
In this field, artificial intelligence learns from its human operators and subsequently improves production.
For example, artificial intelligence can predict failures of both products and equipment thanks to the use of the Internet Of Things.
This data, combined and contextualized between areas, allows users to quickly predict possible anomalies thus avoiding interruptions and product deterioration.

The beating heart of artificial intelligence is all in the algorithms. Particularly in the decision making process which becomes more efficient with data visualization.
There are many artificial intelligence projects that have difficulty in visualizing new data while they are extremely up to date with regards to historical data.

Omron’s new Ai Sysmac controller combines these two worlds by generating new data and creating data models from analysis and correlation while monitoring machine status.
The use of this controller on collaborative robots assisted by artificial intelligence aims to create healthy and safe living and working conditions that cause less and less damage to the environment.

“Solutions that contribute to the operation of an integrated, intelligent and interactive production site are central to Omron’s concept of“ innovative automation ”.
Together with our customers, we are committed to creating the efficient and sustainable factory of the future, where robots, artificial intelligence and employees work in harmony, ”said Tim Foreman, European Head of Research and Development at Omron Europe.
We continue to pursue significant improvements in efficiency with cutting-edge detection, control and robotics solutions, while applying artificial intelligence to practical use in the factory “


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