GSE opens a blog on sustainability: Element+


GSE is the company identified by the Italian Government to pursue and achieve the objectives of environmental sustainability in the two pillars of renewable sources and energy efficiency.

The work it does is to help shape a more sustainable future for current and new generations.

There are several fields in which GSE operates.

That of renewable energy through the electricity production of almost all renewable energy plants in Italy.

That of energy efficiency where GSE encourages treatments for increasing energy efficiency and for the production of thermal energy.

That of the community and institutions in which GSe is constantly engaged in the development of studies, research and support activities for the PA and finally that of the international context made up of comparisons and co-operations at a global level.

Within the activities it normally carries out, GSE adds a particular one that is certainly suited to the times we are living in. The activity of disclosure.

It does this through a blog, Element +.

The GSE blog is a new digital tool that talks about sustainability at 360 * so it deals with energy, culture, society, innovation and economy among other things.

Sustainability, green, zero impact … these are all terms that have entered the vocabulary commonly used by Italians. The attention towards respect for the environment and the planet has led in recent years to the ignition of a debate aimed at identifying sustainable solutions applicable to daily life that involves citizens, companies and public administrations. Consumers expect brands to not only be driven by profit, but, on the contrary, companies should make a real contribution aimed at leading to sustainable evolution. On the other hand, companies also expect citizens to pay greater attention to issues related to sustainability.

“ELEMENT +”, which has its roots in the paper past of the quarterly magazine “Elementi”, is part of this debate, offering users and all the players involved tools, information and insights useful for clarifying and developing critical thinking, exploiting all the possibilities offered by the various channels and multimedia contents for in-depth analysis to make information accessible to all.

What intrigued us most about the GSE blog is certainly the ‘Bizzarre Energie’ section.


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