Metals 3D printing: a technology ready for mass distribution



3D printing is definitely one of the hot topics these days and many companies are springing up in this area.

The technologies developed in this way are better than any other additive manufacturing technique and, to date, are very different and differ in materials and technologies.
Among all types caught our attention the 3D printing mesh, which is able to create mechanical parts with characteristics very similar to those created with traditional subtractive methods classics. The metals used for this type of processes are mainly stainless steel and titanium and come used in the form of powders that are arranged together with an adhesive material in layers ; after a cooking process become finally finished pieces and finished , so removing the process manufacturing a series of processing steps and finishing burdensome both from the economic point of view that time. Suffice it to say that it is now possible to provide a hinge like the one in the foreground in the figure by only printing processes and cooking !
The automotive and aerospace industries are considering , consistent with any expense not yet ripe for the introduction into the production lines, to invest in these technologies that can help businesses by reducing costs of production.



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