The industrial consumption of energy



In Japan there is an unwritten rule called “the law of the rational use of energy”, which leads all industries to make the necessary efforts to save energy in its areas of activities such as transport, heating, lighting of buildings and so on.

This trend can be found, though in a more modest way, throughout the world, even in the industrial field.
An analysis of industrial electricity consumption made ​​by ENEA (National Agency for New Technologies , Energy and Sustainable Economic Development ) clearly shows that the impacts of industrial electricity in Italy has always been the main driver of national consumption versus private, a trend that in the 90s has been gradually disappeared until 2009, when the trend was reversed. One thing certainly striking in large part due to the economic crisis that surrounds us for a few years, even if minimally, it was also because of the increasing environmental awareness of our manufacturing sector .
With regard to the furnaces industry I would like to report the commitment of the Japanese company Tokai Kogyo Konetsu that since 1936 produces and sells silicon carbide heating elements for industrial heating furnaces. These specific types of resistors have a low coefficient of heat loss through the terminals of the resistors in order to safeguard up to 23% of the energy used to heat them.
In the italian market of industrial furnaces in there are examples, such as HTS, feeling green, researching and using materials and advanced techniques for mounting the thermal insulation of the rooms of their vacuum furnaces.
The technological advancement should go in this direction, not only helping to improve production processes but especially helping the planet in the maintenance (defined as waste avoided) of basic resources such as energy.



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