Brand: the new voice of a Company


Brand. In 2019, that “place” towards which the communication policies of companies are converging.

This year there is a tendency to make the brand the fundamental lever to build a continuous and solid relationship with the market, that is with its customers.

Weights have shifted: from product and price, seen from the point of view of a precise target, we have moved to the “community”, we ask ourselves more about desires and less about needs. And to increase the effectiveness of this type of communication, the brand is becoming increasingly attentive to the social field.

The ethical dimension of companies, therefore, environmental sustainability, their mission towards the world become increasingly distinctive and a sign of belonging to an audience, to a community. Niche or extensive that you want.

Considerations (or, for those who like to call them otherwise, the consequences) are quickly revealed: those who deal with personal and “talent” within companies no longer play a technical and internal role, but become a determining factor for the quality of a company, for its image and its reputation.

It is true that the larger, larger and more structured the company, the more its employees become the first line of representation of the company itself, of its brand.

From here it is evident that it is not only necessary to treat our employees and collaborators well, but it is a matter of involving them, each and everyone, in a vision, in a sustainable project with their lives. The work also understood (and perhaps today as we have seen the examples that come from abroad, above all) as a shared experience.

If we all agree that work is one of the fundamental pillars of existence, we can only agree that it is important that work today contributes to people’s wealth. And not just the economic one.

Reputation, therefore, sustainability and sharing of vision and values. These are important topics and it will always be a pleasure to hear about them in companies. It will be even better to have the experiences of those who really put them into practice. Because a company’s reputation, as well as personal reputation, is closely linked to credibility.


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