OneDay is reforming the companies culture


OneDay is an Italian company that aims to re-establish rather than reform the corporate culture of work.

The way of doing business is closely linked to the concept of community in its most modern meaning, which also includes preparing people to face one of the greatest challenges of our modern time: grounding projects in a very short time to make a difference.

OneDay today is a company with a turnover of 20 million, 5 companies within it, 160 employees who have an average age of 29, a headquarters of over 4,000 square meters in Milan.

In particular, it is the People & Culture proposal that attracts attention.

A proposal for businesses in order to re-establish the function of the office and human resource management.

Every company is made up of people and the purpose of OneDay People&Culture is to stimulate them so that they can be happy, productive and entertained within the working environment. The aim is to get to have a strong organizational culture as the fuel of the business and that can make every member of the team involved within the company management.

OneDay builds teams based on communication that must be continuous and transparent, work on performance, goals and career paths. The treasure that young people represent within the company is a heritage to be grown.

The manifesto contains some extremely interesting insights.

# 1 – Entrepreneurship: take the risk, believe in it and make things happen!

# 2 – Sharing: we are a transparent and open community.

# 3 – Passion: show passion and determination in everything you do.

# 4 – Opening: embrace change and get out of your comfort zone: never settle always adapt.

# 5 – Aspirationality: inspire and be the best in your job.

# 6 – Informality: make it fun and don’t lose the freedom to be young and ironic. The closer these values ​​are to your way of being and to the people you’d like to work with, the more your OneDay experience will be.

In an interview for Millionaire, OneDay’s Betty Pagnin reveals how OneDay reacted to the crisis and points a way for businesses to recover:

Since 70-80% of our business is related to tourism, we immediately created a work team, the Growth management team, which has been active since February to understand how to innovate the business and face the long months in which you can travel. A project that will lead to new activities, such as a platform for first employment, and new partnerships.

We have to use creativity. On this I believe that Italy is a step ahead of the rest of Europe. And every entrepreneur should involve his team, to rethink strategies and opportunities together. It is difficult, and perhaps it will not be possible for everyone, but we must try.


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