Made In Vetro is also a logo: have you already seen it?


Made in Vetro is the guarantee mark for health and the environment.

So important that Assovetro presented a logo that is placed on the eco-sustainable glass packaging.

It is used on the glass packaging of foods, beverages, drugs, perfumes and cosmetics.

Made In Vetro is the result of the interaction between industry, designers, customers and consumers and aims to build a more sustainable future together.

The advantages of Made In Vetro are many: starting from food safety to move on to impermeability to liquids and organisms.

In addition to this, Made In Vetro allows the perfect preservation of liquids and foods and total and infinite recycling.

Not a little when we think about sustainability.

The glass packaging is composed of minerals abundant in nature such as sand, sodium carbonate, recycled glass and limestone.

Every time a glass bottle or jar is recycled into new containers, energy and raw materials are saved as well as reducing CO2 emissions.

Supported by the growing consumer preference for glass packaged products it is now recognizable through its visual branding, a real logo.

And the logo has in every element the symbol of the commitment that arises from the choice of glass packaging.

The hallmark was born as a result of a survey of 10,000 European consumers in 13 countries.

9 out of 10 Europeans recommend glass.

A figure that shows the environmental awareness achieved by consumers who reward the high recyclability and the greater guarantee offered by the packaging.

– 42% buy more glass products because they believe it can be recycled more than other packaging

– 33% do so because they consider glass to be best at preventing food contamination and preserving health

– 31% believe that glass gives a strong feeling of safety for health

– 30% choose glass because it causes less pollution in the natural environment

Although the desire of consumers to buy more glass products is high, they do not always have the possibility to do so: the main obstacle (as revealed by 27% of respondents) is that their favorite brands are often not available in glass packaging.

“This symbol – commented Michel Giannuzzi, President of the European Container Glass Federation (FEVE) – marks the first milestone in our journey of collaboration with customers and brands to provide packaging solutions that respond to a growing attention to sustainability on the part of consumers. . Our ultimate goal is for consumers across Europe to find this new brand on all glass products on the shelves, be it preserved food, beverages or olive oil, because choosing glass means creating a more sustainable future. “.

Bonduelle, a leader in the plant-based food sector, has expressed its support for the inclusion of the new symbol in its products. “Representing both environmental protection and health – said Arnaud Warusfel, Bonduelle Packaging Development Manager – this new logo will be an invaluable tool to coordinate our efforts with those of our packaging suppliers, bringing together the concerns of companies. and the public to fully engage in sustainability “.


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