Sustainability on the radio with Lucia Schillaci


Sustainability on the radio with Lucia Schillaci

What’s good is the program that Lucia Schillaci hosts on RadioInBlu 2000 dedicated to sustainability.
A broad topic, which it is necessary to talk about today, of which it is necessary to disclose every aspect in order to ensure that each of us is correctly informed and can collaborate to ensure that the development of our planet – whose resources are not infinite – is not destructive.

From Monday to Friday at 12:30 in What’s Good on Radio InBlu Lucia Schillaci and takes us to discover the world of sustainability, the environment, good practices and realities operating in Italy.
The voices of the protagonists together with that of Lucia tell ideas, stories and projects without neglecting the very important fact that each of us can do their part to contribute to change and the protection of our planet.

Lucia Schillaci has been the voice of the urgency of sustainability for years, anticipating this need by acting as a disseminator through the radio medium of the themes, methods and voices of change: “I give voice to the protagonists, of this change, to those who have long ago decided to be on the side of the environment with ethical and responsible choices” she tells us.

What’s good it also has a podcast tank to listen to when you’re more comfortable.

You can find them all at this link

The recent urgencies that are repeated worldwide concern us closely. “Sustainability” is a term introduced during the first United Nations Conference on the environment in 1972 and then codified in 1987 with the Brundtland report.
The document defines as sustainable a development model capable of satisfying the needs of the present without compromising the ability of future generations to satisfy their own. A definition born from the awareness that the resources of the planet are not infinite, they must be preserved with care, without waste, respecting ecosystems and biodiversity.


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