Remote assistance: a must have


Remote assistance as a resource?

Of course, especially in periods like this where freedom of movement is not allowed.
Together with the smart working resource, remote assistance is a solution that can be applied to many situations. The advantages of being able to have an expert who can guide every operation necessary to solve the problem occurred are evident.
We can therefore define the remote assistance sector no longer as a “plus” or a so-called “commodity”, but as something essential today and also in periods when movements are possible ensuring maximum mobility (think above all of the times of intervention that often force companies to stop production cycles with damage to the production volume).

Through the online connection, HTS connects the customer with the support and assistance center, allowing remote intervention to resolve problems or monitor the oven.

In these circumstances, remote assistance allows technicians to connect to the oven control system and make the necessary changes to the treatment cycle programming or update the program version.

In this way, remote assistance makes it easier and quicker to support and support the users of the ovens.

HTS has always been attentive to after-sales services and precisely in order not to abandon the customers who have chosen it as a reference point, it is committed to guaranteeing the customer’s support during the first phases of use of the oven both for its use and for the programming.

An important distinctive aspect, which manages to identify HTS as one of the leading suppliers in the sector of activities on the market, giving the relationship of trust between the company and the customer a fundamental and consolidated reputation.

HTS Vacuum Furnaces manufactures, repairs and sells industrial vacuum and high vacuum furnaces for heat and surface treatment of metals. The work carried out in synergy with experts in the field of heat treatment, metallurgy and steels joins the constant commitment in the research and development sector and makes HTS an excellence in the market.


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