Cloud computing can be sustainable


Cloud Computing has an exotic name, but we all use it especially now that the pandemic period and related restrictions have actually increased the possibilities of remote working.

In essence, Cloud Computing is the whole set of computers (in fact) on which the data we use every day are stored (for example, the documents that must be available to the entire company that connects from different places and networks).

Now let’s imagine cloud computing powered mostly by renewable sources.

If we stop imagining we come to Google and in particular to its Google Cloud service.

Thanks to this service, the user has the indicator of the percentage of carbon free energy available. This indicator includes the values ​​of the percentage of clean energy requested and supplied on an hourly basis and its variations. To do this, it takes into account two factors: the power plant time that produced the energy consumed at that time and the amount of renewable energy available in the network.

It will be the task of Google Cloud to share the data by geographical area in order to help the user in choosing the most environmentally friendly data processing center and to observe the evolution of energy supply.

Responsible Cloud Computing, it would be nice to call it, is not the only possibility to transfer the sensitivity towards sustainable technology and to learn more, the Google Blog Italia comes to our aid, for example here where it explains how much our cloud is carbon free.

Google Cloud Platform is present in over 200 countries and regions. It has recently extended its network to, among others, Seoul, Salt Lake City, Las Vegas and Jakarta and plans to arrive in Milan. It is heartening to think about how our cities, increasingly electrified, could benefit from a sustainable conversion of these technological giants to which, we hope, all the other operators in the sector can join in a splendid consortium.

Finally, to learn more about the topic, Google’s cloud computing has an extremely detailed and in-depth site that you can reach from here.


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