AICEO pays attention to SME sector


AICEO, the Italian Association of CEOs, is a non-profit association of people, founded in July 2011 with the aim of promoting the exchange of experiences between members to generate ideas, innovation and visions on the future, to identify successful experiences and propose concrete solutions to the problems of companies and more generally of the country.

Through a pragmatic approach, AICEO wants to be / promote a movement of opinion characterized by the consolidated experience and leadership of its members, united by the objectives of enhancing talent and diversity and promoting innovation. elements that AICEO considers strictly connected and functional to the relaunch of the entire country system and to the consolidation of its international image.

These are the first sentences of the presentation of the association that provides the country with expertise and experience in the management of complex organizations with the aim of ensuring growth and well-being in a long-term perspective.

AICEO’s planning in a program that develops over the next three years includes six fundamental themes:

work and training, with the aim of combating unemployment, reducing the misalignment between the demand and supply of work, in particular by intervening in preparing for the professional integration of young people leaving schools and universities;

innovation and digitalization, which will naturally be the backbones for the recovery, as also envisaged by the Draghi government, in line with the objectives of the Next Generation EU;

meritocracy and inclusion, promoting virtuous standards within companies, which support in particular the career paths of women and young people, who are paying the highest price of the crisis induced by the pandemic;

environmental sustainability, to help companies design and develop new processes that make it possible to make a transition as fast and efficient as possible towards new production and management models;

health, to develop a new model of national health system, public and private, more sustainable in the long term. The current crisis has unfortunately shown us at great cost how a correct management of health and the right to health of citizens are a precondition for economic development.

tourism, a sector of strategic importance for our country, also from the point of view of widespread employment, which is also among the most penalized by the pandemic and which needs a real rethink in order to relaunch itself.

On the part of AICEO there is also attention to the SME sector. In an interview with Manager Italy, Paola Corna Pellegrini – president of AICEO declares:

“SMEs must also be helped to complete these paths, for example through reliefs for companies that invest in training, digitization, hiring women and young people. Investing in young people is an absolute necessity, if we think that 30% of them have no work, and it is important for them to be able to count on contract models that combine flexibility and protection. If in Italy we fail to help SMEs to transform themselves on all fronts (including digitization and inclusion), in the end we will only touch a small percentage of companies and workers. 80% of the jobs of companies in Italy are in fact in SMEs. We must help to understand the added value of approaches and policies that give important results in terms of ROI and development in the medium term, allowing us to overcome short-term constraints ».

To learn more about the whole world of AICEO, information is available on the official website.


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