Smart Working vs Team: a solution


Smart working today is a now normalized way of dealing with one’s working reality. Precisely for this reason the organization (which apparently sounds like a paradox) of resources and time has become fundamental.

Smart working initially experienced as adapting one’s “office life” to a dimension that seemed distant to us has gradually become an affair to be managed with the passage of time and with the habit of “smart” work (which, let’s face it, is very different from working remotely).

Smart working is based on the achievement of objectives such as the delivery of a website by a date, remote work is that which involves the certain presence of the resource for a given time such as call center activities.

In a smart working regime it is difficult, now after a long time, to be able to keep the teams cohesive.

However, there is a practice that can be adopted and that easily solves the problem.

The whole team that works in smart working can, for example, hold a meeting on Monday mornings.

Each team member can use five to ten minutes to explain what she did the previous week and what activities she will be doing during the current week.

In this way the whole team is aware of what is happening and is helped to have a broader view of their work.

Moreover, this type of activity helps anyone to set priorities and work to be done with the correct focus.

Once a week is the best frequency for this type of smart working team meetings as a wider interval would risk eroding the sense of cohesion and participation of the team as well as shorter intervals risk being repetitions of absolutely useless task lists. .

Another practice may be to organize an informal coffee break, just like when you went to the “machine” in the office. Although in this case it is very likely that each one will proceed to his own mocha or consume a pod.

Of course, more than one may object that smart working is a practice that is “not very prone” to socialization that takes place in offices. On the other hand, those who find the smart working formula a blessing are equally true because in this way they manage to better organize their time by completing both professional and personal activities.


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