Motivating the staff is crucial for the Company


Motivating the staff of a company aims to create a sense of belonging and is essential to ensure the best performance of both your company and the employees involved.

According to the Gallup report updated in 2019:

  • 85% – are workers all over the world who do not feel any company engagement
  • 5% – are employees in Italy who feel involved in an internal communication system
  • 30% – are employees in Italy who do not perceive any sense of company belonging.

But what do we mean when we talk about “corporate engagement”? To motivate the staff of a company?

Being “hired” means feeling part of the company you work for, sharing vision and values, feeling a feeling of affection that shifts the focus from “worker” to “ambassador”.

Of course, motivating the staff of a company requires commitment, but in fact people who are not motivated sufficiently will be indifferent to the corporate culture and will only devote time, not energy and passion, to their role.

So motivating the staff of a company means increasing the speed in terms of innovation, creativity and productivity.

Also according to the Gallup report, some crucial factors are highlighted to be able to take this very important step:

  • Leadership: aligning the corporate culture with a language based on strengths, disseminated through communication management practices at the company level. Some organizations designate a group of leaders to support managers and teams in their efforts to build a strong corporate culture;
  • Empowerment: educating employees on the basis of company strengths and enabling them to make contributions that go beyond their title or role;
  • Involvement: generate excitement by promoting environments that celebrate diversity and teamwork;
  • Training: Identify an ongoing business development and training system to evaluate, reward and grow employees based on what they do best.

But then the managers at this point also have to be coaches? The answer, unequivocally, is “Yes, absolutely”. Consequently, what can I do to motivate the staff of a company? The answer we suggest from here is a simple list written by snacknation (in English) that you can find at this link.


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