In-company training courses


In-company training courses are a fundamental part of your company’s life.

Of course, we talked about how important digital culture is and we can be aligned on this, but at this point the question to ask is “how do I put it into practice in my company?”

Let’s start with the data: in 2020 the global workforce is made up of:

35% – Millenials (born between 1981 and 1995)

35% – Generation X (born between 1965 and 1980)

24% – Generation Z (born from 1966 onwards)

6% – Baby boomers (born before 1964)

Each of these groups has different training needs that are to be integrated into the training courses in the company.

To begin it is necessary to structure a training course. For example, implement the skills of the after-sales assistance staff to promptly respond to various needs.

In company training courses it is also necessary to keep in mind the attention threshold of people:

Hermann Ebbinghaus – a German psychologist born in 1800 – has shown that in the time of an hour people forget 50% of the information learned, within 24 hours up to 70% and even 90% in one month. And in 1800 there were no smartphones.

It is therefore necessary to make the path stimulating and attractive. Then move on from corporate training intended as classroom learning. Today, thanks to the network, this obstacle can be easily overcome and it is precisely online training that can solve the problem. Many companies are introducing Learning Management Systems that are usable from all mobile devices and encourage the use of courses whenever desired.

There are some companies that adopt particular revolutionary methods for in company training courses such as DHL, the logistics giant, which adopts Oculus technology for Virtual Reality in order to train its employees in the procedures.

In-company training courses certainly pass through here also in our near future: startups that deal with these new forms of learning are being born in Italy.


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