Collaborators in business solutions: involvement


01Involving collaborators in business solutions is a practice that certainly benefits both sides.

In a company, constructive criticism always leads to finding the correct way to implement virtuous circles that bring benefits both to productivity and to the ecosystem of “belonging” to the company (we know well that a collaborator in tune with your company is an added value remarkable in every organization: let’s now think of the cases in which all collaborators would represent an added value both for their skills and for the active involvement in business improvement).

The direct involvement of collaborators in business solutions allows the company to avoid that a wrong assessment influences the goodness of the change.

Incorrect or marginal assumptions are the main enemies of the process. With a view to efficient use of available resources and the orientation to accept its social responsibilities, the company must respond to the pre-eminent needs from which satisfaction is generated simultaneously both an increase in employee satisfaction and the generation of benefits for company.

This is the “win-win” solution that initiates a virtuous circle given by the interrelationships existing between the family and work spheres. Precisely for this reason, the involvement of collaborators in corporate solutions is essential.

After this process, attention can be focused on responding to the needs of social value and business value according to the availability of resources.

It will therefore be the managers who will have to act ensuring a balanced distribution of intervention priorities between company needs and social value. They will have to seek fairness to ensure both types of interest. Those needs that are not relevant either from a social or a business point of view can be treated with a lower priority in the change process.

Yes, but how is it possible for a manager to be able to undertake this path in order to draw up a guideline that reconciles the company with its collaborators?

From a benchmark analysis and evaluation of possible initiatives.

The goal at this juncture with collaborators in business solutions is to identify initiatives that potentially respond to the questions posed by the change, thus allowing the management to define a list of possible alternative initiatives to be implemented to provide answers to priority needs.

In this case, it is the involvement of the collaborators in business solutions that allows the management to collect the information useful for the correct evaluation of the individual development opportunities for conciliation, thus favoring a more careful choice between existing alternatives and an optimized allocation of resources. The involvement of workers also allows them to be activated in providing a constructive contribution to responding to conciliation needs.

In the next article we pass to the analysis of how to evaluate the results during the project.


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