Business Model Canvas


Business Model Canvas, which is a business model represented on a single page.

After the summer it is usually time to take stock of the situation and try to understand how to face the future.

So here is a method for imagining, designing and optimizing the business model in a single page to have at a glance all the key steps in the future of your company.

The Business Model Canvas was conceived by Alexander Osterwalder and has revolutionized the way a business is represented.

Within the diagram, all the elements concerning the functioning of a company are intuitively present.

The Business Model Canvas is structured in blocks.

key partner;

In this block of the Business Model Canvas, the suppliers and partners useful for building an effective business model that meet the specific needs of the company must be entered.

key activities;

Here are listed the strategic activities that must be carried out to generate profit. Under this block is the list of key resources that are needed to lead the company to fulfill key activities.

value propositions;

The packages of the products or services provided must be entered in this block of the Business Model Canvas. Important elements of value such as innovations, accessibility, cost, etc. must be taken into account.

customer relations;

Here is a brief description of how to relate to the different targets from a support point of view. A detail block is reserved for the list of channels to be used for each type of relationship with its customers. They can be direct (ie owned by the company) and indirect.

customer segments;

This block of the Business Model Canvas contains the reference to the groups of people to whom the company addresses, the recipients of its product or services.

cost structure;

An important part of the Business Model Canvas is that relating to the identification of the costs that the company will have to incur to activate its business model. Costs are variable, fixed, in scale and / or scope.

revenue streams.

This is the most important block: it describes the revenue streams that the company obtains by taking into account two variables such as the price and the method of payment.

A handy template for the Business Model Canvas you can download from here in PDF format.


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