Returning to the office


Returning to the office after a period of forced smart working or not needs a moment that we have to take to brush up on some of the best practices for living together with colleagues.

We have gone through a period full of difficulties and changes and this certainly leads us to have to brush up on some always good tips to keep an atmosphere as serene as possible in the workplace.

First of all it is not good to unload personal tensions and stress on colleagues: returning to the office does not mean throwing our problems in the face of the neighbor at the desk because most likely he is also facing his problems.

To go back to the office and immediately relax the atmosphere, it is good to start with a “good morning”. To say hello is not only polite, but it is not so obvious to hear it from those who enter the office. Throughout the day, then, it is good to be kind to both superiors and colleagues: even those who have cold attitudes towards us.

Returning to the office is also an opportunity to be able to compliment directly with your colleagues. When they do a good job, when they start a good idea, when they get success for what they did. This is also a sign of self-esteem, all people need confirmation and attention and they will certainly be more available towards you.

Returning to the office immediately brings the coffee break ritual back to a “classic” level: you can take it together and take advantage of it to have a chat. In these moments pay attention to your colleagues when they mention their passions, use these hooks for conversations that are healthy, relaxing and interesting for everyone.

Respecting the personal space and habits of colleagues is certainly an obligation to return to the office and not immediately clash with colleagues. In common areas, always keep desks and lockers clean, without trespassing.

In addition to this there are the classic good habits which are to be open to criticism, to express your opinion at the right time and with a constructive tone, choose how much of your private life should be shared heritage but share honestly.

Finally, be calm: your work depends on your skills and not on the interested comments of others.


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