Organizing the office desk


Organizing the office desk is one of the processes that can help both productivity and efficiency.

Sometimes, we know it well, it is a real challenge between documents, abandoned folders and objects of any kind.

The first step to organize your desk is to keep it tidy: free it completely, including shelves and drawers. This first step helps to understand what is to be thrown away and what is to be kept.

Getting rid of what is no longer used (and this also applies to the home) is therapeutic also from the point of view of inner well-being.

One thing that you can allow yourself at this stage is to buy yourself a pair of headphones to listen to new music: choose a current and higher quality model than the ones you are about to throw away. Productivity will also gain.

Organizing the office desk has some mandatory steps: you certainly can’t do without the computer and keyboard placed in the center. Always remember that correct posture is important for your health.

At your fingertips you will surely need to keep digital devices, a stationery kit (essential, you don’t need six pens, just keep one), an updated calendar and some space for the water bottle or cup.


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At this point you can move on to what is outside your workspace.

All folders must be filed, placed in special binders and classifiers. This is where the exercise of priorities comes into play to make sure you don’t climb Everest every day in search of that particular document that … you left on the top shelf.

Better still if you differentiate them by color, they will certainly be more recognizable. And on the backs a few clear words, to identify what they contain even before opening them.

Organizing the office desk can also involve adding a pinch of originality: office plants, photographs, a nice cup. Having objects that have emotional value nearby helps reduce stress. On the contrary, we strongly advise against an alarm clock or a watch.

And now where do you put all those documents that are files to be closed, jobs to be finished, documents that you have to consult frequently? The trays for correspondence help you in this, but you will rearrange at least once a week (otherwise they become like that drawer of yours that you are now afraid to open).

Next to the desk, always try to have a basket and try to hide the cables (you can take advantage of gullies, cable ties, wall cable clips or box hide power strips to be placed under the desk).


And now? Well now you have only one daily commitment: when you are about to leave the office, spend five minutes tidying up your desk otherwise by the end of the week it will be chaos again and you will have to start over from the first point.


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